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Most of our cell phones are equipped with bluetooth and an MP3 player. I have had several that provided me with a way to load my phone with all my favorite music and then I could travel without having to carry both a phone and an MP3 player. The problem I had was having to use a pair of regular headphones. I seemed to get the cord caught on everything and anything that was within reach. It would drive me nuts. I just wanted to listen to some tunes without having the earbuds ripped out of ear every 15 sec. because the cord was

caught on something and I turned my head. I had seen cordless bluetooth stereo headsets but the price was always steep, or if I happened to find some under a $100 the sound was the same as I experienced with the first earbud I ever used. It must have been made with tin based on the lovely sounds emminating from it's high end speaker.

But I had the pleasure of testing a headset made by Bluesonic that I really like. Let me start with what I really like about them. $49.99. I was skepical to begin with, but as I listened to some music through them I was impressed

with the quality of the sound. It was good. I wondered why it was good.

Here are a couple of the reasons:

A2DP(Advanced Audio Distribution Profile)

Hi-quality sound supported by unique software

tuning and built-in DSP solution.

Here are some of the other features that make them a great set of headphones:

AVRCP(Audio/Video Remote Control Profile) profiles are supported

All-in-one solution including volume control, pairing,

on off, speaker and mic.

Light weight and stylish design

Remote control the music : PLAY/PREV/NECT/VOL+/VOL-/STOP/PAUSE

Automatically switch to phone answering when

incoming call. They are lightweight and my ears didn't hurt from a bud being in my ear. They hold a good charge so I was able to listen to lots of music, and they work with my iPod and phone. When a call came in it was push a button and answer, finish the call and go back to the music. The disclaimer I will attach is that I have listened to music using headphones for sol republic many years so my capability to hear the full range of sound has been diminished. If you are one of those afficianados I will not guarantee the sound will meet your requirements. But for someone looking for a good set that stay out of the way, these are a great choice.

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